Residential Painting

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Use Paint In Your Interior Design

If you’re considering a fresh look for your kitchen or living room, engaging a professional house painting team is an excellent first step. Our painters will assist you in selecting from a wide range of colors and thoroughly prepare your space. We’ll safeguard your floors and furniture against drips and spills before we begin. We’re also equipped to paint intricate details, such as your cabinets.

Enrich Your Home with Our Professional Residential Painting Services


Inform clients about the trending color schemes and painting techniques prior to commencement.


We will utilize a premium pressure washer to eliminate mold, mildew, dirt, and grime.


Organize your activities to accommodate your schedule without interrupting regular business hours.


Seal & Protect Your Home

A quality exterior paint job seals and protects your home from moisture and mildew, dry rot and other damaging effects from the rain, wind, and sun. Between the harsh winters and the hot summers, your building’s exterior suffers more wear and tear from the outdoor weather elements. If not protected properly weather elements can cause your exterior paint to warp, crack and peel.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

The actual painting of a home only constitutes about 25% of the total paint job. However, the most crucial part of maintaining your home’s appearance is the preparation work. A thorough prep job can make a significant difference, potentially extending the time between paint jobs from four years to nine years.

When obtaining estimates from painters, be sure to inquire about their preparation process. Cutting corners during prep work can compromise the longevity of your paint job, so it’s essential to trust that what lies beneath the paint will hold up well for years to come.

New Exterior Paint


There are multiple methods to boost your home’s value. An excellent paint job can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. If you’re considering selling, a fresh coat of exterior paint can attract potential buyers and ensure a positive first impression.

Don’t postpone your exterior painting project for another year. Reach out to Full Coverage Painting to serve as your painting contractor for your house’s exterior painting needs.

Free Estimates on Residential Painting

We provide a complimentary estimate for each painting project, allowing you to understand the job’s cost with no obligation. It also informs you of the project’s duration and the materials we utilize.

We are Insured & Licensed​

While the notion of using your own staff to complete a project might seem attractive, it isn’t always the most secure option. Full Coverage Painting, being licensed and insured, provides the guarantee that the work will be conducted safely and with professionalism.

Flexible Timelines & Schedules​

We recognize that business operations cannot halt for painting projects. Therefore, we collaborate with you to ensure the project aligns with your timeline and our schedule.